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Standards of Operation
Cheetah Preservation Foundation Cango Wildlife Ranch
Who Are We?
Who are we and why we do what we do

WHO ARE WE AND WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? We are a very special zoological facility like no other in Africa! Since inception we have worked tirelessly to create a place where animals find sanctuary and their care and love is at the highest level. We also believe that with the continued rate of human population expansion and the ongoing rape and destruction of natural habitats, strong action must be taken to ensure the continued survival of spe... [read more]

Our Volunteer Program
Volunteer Program

There is something truly special about being up-close and personal with wild animals that need your nurturing and care! If you are passionate about wild animals and want to make a difference in their lives, then this is for you. The rewards and benefits are two-fold, we give you an experience of a lifetime and you assist us in our conservation efforts! White Tigers, Leopards, White Lions, Cheetah and a host of other endangered animals from R... [read more]

Planning Your Trip
Planning your trip

Our programs are designed to run for two, three or four weeks (see Dates and Rates) with your arrival or departure day being on a MONDAY.  You are welcome to stay for longer than four weeks however, although we will accept volunteers for only 1 week, we really recommend a minimum of at least two weeks to enable you to thoroughly enjoy all our program has to offer. Your arrival on your first Monday will consist of your airport or bus pic... [read more]

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